Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Destiny

Have you ever heard of the popular new game Destiny? In the game, humans have almost gone extinct. But that is not the part that I wish to discuss. We have, in the game, began civilizations on other planets in our solar system. It reminds me of Firefly, how humans had spread out to other planets.

I think, well hope, it is our "destiny" to start life on new worlds as well. Whether they be close by or far off. I think it is a good idea.

Well, it is as long as those new places are built with the long-term goal of a utopia. Not the mess we have on earth. Though I do hope one day we will fix a lot of the issues we have on earth.

Let's discuss that. After all, great expansive civilizations start on the home world. Right?

What do I think earth needs to work on to remedy our many current problems? Well, one that is obvious is to go as green as possible. We don't need to take a abusive and polluting mindset to other worlds. That way is honestly selfish and that mindset is just not healthy for developing a utopia. It contradicts.  I think when we really see a drive, collectively, to heal our world and go green then it will be a hint that we are moving in the right direction to an overall better society.

Next I think we need a one world government. I know, the bible (maybe others) warn about that day. But I am not refering to one that kills Christians or persecutes groups of beliefs or opinions. I mean one large harmonious, green, tolerant, peaceful, non-violent goverment. One that has a better life and advancement and evolution of our species in mind. I think it would be on the list of things we need to accomplish before we venture outwards. We need to perfect our own society, then start looking to build new.

The next one goes along with that last one I guess. We need to abolish violence. This begins by people excepting people who are different and focusing on each other as all living breathing intelligent beings who can all work better hand in hand towards a common goal.

Another would be technology. Science and technology. We need to really put less focus and money and effort on wars. Instead, why not use all the time, energy, and resources to bettering our understanding of the world(s) around us. Plus, to venture into the dark abyss and mystery of space, we really should put money and time into advancing our technology. And not just new TV's and hoverboards. But, things that will take us towards our goals and dreams. Big stuff. Research and create better space traveling vehicles. Maybe try to solve the mysteries of worm holes or warp speed.

Now, why should we explore space and create new civilizations on other planets? Well, one good reason is, if a meteor hits the earth and kills off everyone we will go extinct. Completely erased from existence. If we spread out and create thriving societies in New worlds we stand a better chance of being around still a million years in the future. It just makes sense.

But I am sure other people have other really good reasons. One might be to learn about the universe, or to travel to new places, or to seek out life in the universe. Maybe we do it just to continue to advance. There are many more reasons and ideas I am sure.

Just something to think about. A goal. Something we could become if we all move into the right direction. Our decisions need to reflect that goal. Every one of them. Think about what you do in life, does it help?

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