The Welcoming

Welcome Home

They say home is where the heart is. That would make my husband my home. In his arms, I am at my most content, and happy, state of being.

This "blog" is my more public blog. I have many sites floating around the web. Through the years I'd describe them as bastard children that I've left unattended on the web. No, not the most positive way to put it, but all things we create are a piece of us, like a child. But, in the world of creation, I am a drifter. A nomad. A gypsy. I move from muse to muse like a Don Juan of thoughts.

This entry is merely an introduction into the newly formed blog. In the near future, entries will generally include rantings of sorts. Society, behavioral, ideals, and largely opinions. It may include updates in our lives of things that seem of consequence. Self study and critiquing. Of our endeavors, likely successful ones. Of the world around us, as we are now getting our toes wet in the real world.

The metaphorical hot sun of reality is beating down on us and though we are ready to jump in the cold waters of independence, we wish to take measures to ensure our safety in this untamed and unpredictable ocean. The sands of the beach where we stand feel safe, but our place is in the beautiful blue waters. Amorphous, though they may be. Such is life. Such is living.

I'll end in saying that this was not created as a blog catering to every ones needs, thoughts, or feelings. Those offended by my often less than timid honesty can they themselves find a place online in which to rant about the injustice done. This one is mine.

I would however, like to welcome you to my new "bastard child". I hope you do not find your visit to unpleasant. For that is not my intentions, nor is it my wish.


L. Wrevhn