Monday, November 7, 2016

Voting 3rd Party - Voting PERIOD (2016 fail-lections)

So i voted third party. So what. People keep saying its a "wasted vote". Well at least I didn't sell out and vote for one of two evils simply based upon an absurd ongoing fued between to moronic groups of people masquerading as responsible adults, when in reality they are just tall bratty dimwitted bickering unaware children fighting over two cartoon character level ridiculous villains. Team red. Team blue. It's like sports teams and the donkey and the elephant are the mascots.

Tricking people into believing that their votes don't matter unless they vote for one of the two bad guys that forced their way into the top is the reason why we still have so many problems in this country especially with elections. A proper system would be multiple parties and every vote would matter. People are so busy arguing they don't even see what's wrong with our system and that is connected to what's wrong with our country.

 I voted with my heart, mind, and soul. So my vote will never be wasted. To me a wasted vote is someone who was tricked into voting for one of the two bad guys the government is trying to force upon us. For accepting a broken system and not even questioning it. Just going along with it and all the drama that they produced to keep you distracted. So distracted arguing that you can't even see what's in front of you.

 In all honesty I respect people more for refusing to vote then I do for trying to pick the lesser of two evils. Picking one candidate simply because they're slightly less evil than the other major candidate is ridiculous. But anybody who voted their actual heart, and did not get caught up in the two-party Red vs Blue bull crap that the media is trying to get us all swallowed in like a black hole of soap opera like governmental dysfunction is cool with me.

And when I say vote your heart I don't just mean pick a bad guy/girl because there's one thing on his/her list he/she said they might try to do while they are president that you agreed with. I don't mean blindly ignoring everything that is wrong with a person because of one or two things on their agenda. I'm talking about voting for the whole package. A person as a whole. And if you find you don't agree with any body as a whole, then I would respect you more for sitting this one out then picking someone evil because of one or two things they said that you liked.

 Because let's face it, in reality most of the things president say before they've become president don't end up happening while they're in office. You're not voting for their promises so much as you are voting for the person. If an astounding amount of people are willing to fudge facts and flat out lie on applications to get a job simply for the chance to possibly beat out other applicants, what makes you think that presidential candidates wouldn't do something like that but possibly far worse?

I honestly believe the whole system needs a makeover. We are being manipulated in more ways than one. They are using us. Using us to continue on with their plans. Whether it be plans involving money or something more complicated. They have sufficiently distracted our minds and turned our frustrations towards one another so that we do not pay attention to everything that is wrong. And the ones who try to speak up and inform others that something is amiss are usually the ones who find themselves quite unpopular.

My father who was and the 82nd Airborne and a Green Beret has not trusted the government in ages. Or I should say he did not. He passed from a brain tumor. Though he was a soldier he was also a very intelligent man with an IQ of 132 and saw behind the Smokescreen. The methods at which they use two contain us, control us, distract us, and pick us against each other so that we will not all join and move against them are simple yet very effective. And I believe that this election shows just how easily they can pull people strings.

And the strings are even being pulled on the presidents. People think presidents have more power than they actually do. The people that actually control things will place who they want their. And they have placed the two top contenders there for you to vote for. And they have made it very hard for anybody besides team red or team blue to get in office. The Congress, the Senate, there are other groups with more power. And anybody who doesn't believe the richest 1%, who own 40% of the nation's wealth, have a say-so in everything that happens is simply a fool. 

The way this works, they get people arguing over race, religion, minor differences. Will get you up in a tizzy over something you want to vote for or vote against. You might even feel morally obligated, that's even better for them. That will drive you to vote for someone who is terrible simply for that moral belief. You won't care if they are not a good person, you might even blind yourself or deny that they are bad simply to back that one moral stance. 

They have the system set up to minimize the chance of someone voting for anyone other than their top choices. And people are so fooled by the government that they actually attack their fellow citizen for voting a way that is different from their own. You should never attack somebody for voting some way different than yours. It is unpatriotic and we are all blessed to have the right to vote. Even in a system as corrupt as ours where they manipulate things, it could be way worse. But it also could be better. If everyone would realize that we are broken, if everyone would realize that we are in this together and that we have power, we could do amazing things.

Please don't tear apart your friends and family and fellow human beings for innocently voting their opinion. The only exception to this rule I would suggest, would be if there is some form of hatred behind their vote. But even then, lashing out is not going to change that person or change their vote. Anger and hate will not remove anger and hate from someone.

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  1. I do realize there are a few errors in spelling and such. I typed 90% of this with my microphone. On my cell phone. Within a period of five to ten minutes. Just something I wanted to get off my chest, I'm not planning on sending it to press. So I only care so much. But I do apologize if my spelling errors offend you.


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