The Wrevhning

The Story Behind "The Wrevhns"

How to begin? Well, I guess I won't get into too much detail about the beginning. Those stories are probably more dear to us than they will be you. So I'll skip the meeting online, the love letter emails, the 8 hr calls, the part about getting lost on the first date and getting our first kiss at a cute lil' apple store, and the being attached at the hip after one month never leaving one an others side (if at all possible.) Well crack down and get to some of the facts instead.

I'm seven years older than Jacob. We met via the Internet. We fell in love before we met, but even more after. We jumped into living together right away. We were married a year after meeting in a courthouse in Carroll county. November, 5th, 2008! There was no wedding, no gifts, no cake, no dress. Just us, a judge and paperwork. Yet it was still the best day, and best decision ever.

We have not yet changed our names. Jacob didn't wish to keep his, so we will be merging them, preferably before end of this summer. The name 'Wrevhn" is parts of my and his name. Wr mine, ev, his, h mine, n his. No one else in existence has this name. we hope the judge approves it.

We are currently living happily together, and hope to move in the not to distant future into our first place. Jacob is in the Army National Guard, and though currently employed with Garda Cash Logistics as a security driver, aspires to be a police officer, firefighter or where ever life moves his heart to go.. We love the city, and hope to relocate further inside the perimeter.

We have no children, and do not plan on having any. Our family consists of Jacob, myself, Josie and Zorro. We hope to hear the pitter patter of more furry children feets in the near future.

We are very happy together, and cannot stand being apart. Not since the first meeting. We both believe strongly fate brought us together. And this year will be our fifth year wedding anniversary! (sixth year together) We are still as affectionate and in love as we were day 1!

It really is a beautiful life when you have a beautiful love.