Monday, May 30, 2011

The Ageing Stereotype

When your looking forward in life, the street is fogged and you think what you want of the approaching journey. When the road is behind you, you know every pebble n' pot hole. You just walked it and that knowledge helps you to realize what you could not before....what lies ahead.

Life is basically like school. We are here to learn. Though many are failing, and few are passing, some of us are slow starters. But doesn't it seem we , in our "senior" years, all end up about the same? With various body pains, memory loss, and easily irritated by almost everyone younger than us?

Why do we grow out of things?  Why is it after so long, we start to loose interest in things that many years ago we found so captivating?

I've already noticed that I cannot handle being around noise at all anymore. Music I use to like I find more irritating now, or silly and juvenile. I find myself asking questions like "Why don't they just settle down and get married?" or "Whats wrong with teenagers today?". Complaining about my knees, my back, its to hot, its to cold, "This was cheaper when I was younger!" is a classic I find spewing from my lips too often.

But not everything has to be set in stone. You don't have to except all forms of the ageing stereotype. You can be your own person. I personally hate the news, the weather, and never plan on cutting my hair above my chin. AND NO POODLE PERMS FOR ME!

I'm turning thirty, and still shop in Juniors. I still love Mario, cartoons, coloring books, kids foods, defying the rules (just not big ones), running around outside barefoot, tickle fights with Jacob, stuffed toys, and list list goes on.

You can't avoid picking up a few aging stereotypes along the way, but you can avoid giving up who you really are to the lifestyle as a whole. No matter how old you get, you should never let people, places, circumstances or even LIFE itself dictate WHO YOU ARE.

xoxo - LD


  1. very true! Good blog :) At work people make fun of me because of my views regarding my own generation. The older folks say that while I'm one of them-"she's really one of us" lol...Yet, movies with muffets & getting the giggles will never get old for me...

  2. giggling should never get old to anyone! its a sad day when someone stops laughing.


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