Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Whats a "Wife"? RANT BLOG

I'm Elena. I'm married to Jacob. I love and adore him. SO WHAT?

Is it anyone else's business HOW, WHY, WHEN OR WHAT? Nope. NO ONE can tell me how to run my marriage. If I want to spoil the snot out of my adorable loving husband (to what can occasionally be precieved from outsiders as "overboard") THAT IS MY BUSINESS.

Do I think I do TOO MUCH? No I do not. I honestly could do even better. 

Is there ANYTHING wrong with wanting to be THE DREAM WIFE? Why am I crazy for wanting to please my loving husband? Why does it bug people so much that I spoil him? He is not a pig, a monster. He is not taking advantage of me. 

If I wanted to sit on my butt and groan about my life and be a B he would not care. Though, I'm sure he did not fall in love with me for my negative side. He does not ask things of me that I have not been offering on him. I choose to do this. I could tell him I want to work and him to take my place. He prob would. But I like the idea of being THE PERFECT WIFE. Of him having better bragging rights other than just "my wife can cook" or "We get along" or "Shes pretty".Why can't it be all the great things?

I have issues with people finding out to what extent I spoil him and judging me. Even some thinking I'm a bad person for it. I say SCREW YOU... MY MARRIAGE MY BUSINESS! NOT YOURS! 

LOOK - as long as I'm not breaking any laws or hurting people, WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I DO IN MY OWN LIFE? STOP BEING SO NOSEY, GET YOUR OWN LIFE. 

LEAVE US ALONE TO RUN OURS HOW WE SEE FIT. And if that includes spoiling my husband.... SO BE IT! He is mine after all, I married him. So i'll do what I want with my things.

yes I said mine. I own him, he owns me, we have a signed agreement to that effect. 

its so frustrating that others gotta try to piss on my mood with complaining.

 No matter what ppl say. I'll continue supporting, loving, adoring and spoiling my husband. Thats my job, I'm his WIFE.

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