Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Truth Serum! 50 Truths

Okay let us let a few cats out of their bags! Let us pretend I have drank a truth serum, and am outing myself on some of my secrets. Secrets are not as fun if you do not tell them to people. 

50 Lani Truths:

1. Hubby has to remind me to brush my teeth before bed. 

2. If I run out of chocolate, I turn into a fiend and take it from other peoples stashes.

3. Though I hate onions with a passion, I sometimes still add them to dishes for flavor

4. If I am feeling sick (pukey) I will make myself throw up to alleviate it.

5. I do not shave everyday. Or even every other. 

5. I do not actually wash my hair that often. With curly hair over washing results in dry fluffy frizziness. I wash maybe 2 times a week. 

6. I can be snobby.

7. On that note, I do judge people. 

8. I am currently using "plum" eyeliner as a brow pencil. It looks brown, and I do not wish to pay the cost of a real brow pencil when I have the plum for free. (can you tell?)

9. I can not stand some of the (original) voices to un-dubbed anime. They are irritating.

10. I "re-wear" pj pants and jeans a few times, if clean, before washing.

11. I just about refuse to iron. I hate it! I always use the dryer to get out wrinkles.

12. I will dry a load several times over to stall putting it up.

13. I wash and dry "dry clean only" 

14. (last laundry one i swear) I rarely separate colors. Its only two people the loads would be so tiny! I just wash and dry everything on "delicate". 

15. If i am in trouble with my hubby, I will shamelessly through someone else under the bus to get his anger off me. (i know, terrible) Then, once I am sure he has moved past being mad at me, I "fix" what i caused.

16. I am actually a great but very subtle manipulator. 

17. On that note, my hubby thinks I am unaware of his more obvious attempts at manipulating me. I just play along. 

18. I want sex almost everyday around 11am. 

19. Since getting Mirena, I have had a higher libido. 

20. My first real orgasm ever was with my current husband. I never realized what "type" I was. (Explanation: gyno gal on "the doctors" said there are two types of girls. One with magic spot inside vagina, one with magic spot onside around clit) Apparently I am the second type, but if i stimulate both at once it is so strong i want to literally cry and scream. TMI?

21. I like and value animals above most people and almost all children. 

22. I think rather lowly of people who use the F word. 

23. My opinion on most average republicans is pretty ....well, not great.

24. I put (a decent bit, it takes a couple layers) makeup over my scars on my chest (see below image)

25. On that not, I will "Photoshop" some of my pics. One of the reasons? my keliods on my chest (scars)

26. I like and hate taking group pictures. (like because its like "look I am having fun with friends and actually have a life" but hate because I am actually NOT that photogenic. Only I can get decent pics of myself like with selfies but it still takes multiples to do which is not always an option for group pics)

27. I do not really like the way most pictures of me smiling look. I get what I call "Fred Flintstones" which are the marks or folds, whatever, from your cheeks to your nose when you smile. It draws attention to my nose, which I hate. So most pics I do not smile in. 

28. Men scare me. Any man, any age (over 21) any creed, any race, that I do not know (and some I do) is a threat to me. 

29. Dispite having scars. I like wearing low cut shirts! Mostly, for me.

30. Good truth. I dont stink much. Really. My gas, which i do not often have, rarely ever has a smell or sound, and I do not really sweat much (why I overheat so easy) and even the little I do doesnt stink. I am not sure why some peoples sweat smells and others do not. 

31. I am kinda scared about losing my medicaid and being off my crazy pills

32. I worry about whether or not I could EVER sustain a job long enough with my bipolar issues. 

33. I am considered a "tax break" for jobs due to being "handicapped" and it does not bother me. 

34. I rarely dust stuff above my head. I forget that area exists.

35. Even when I admire what others have a rarely get jealous over anything. But I enjoy playing "jealous" over my hubby (he has a ton of girls flirt with him all the time and call him their present or man or boyfriend). Not to say it is impossible. I can get pretty flutered every now and then when I do get jealous over him. But he is one of very few things I get jealous over. I do not if girls are prettier, or if someone has more money, or better stuff, or a fun life. But it can happen. it is just rare.

36. I am not a very good gamer.

37. I only learned to spell better from texting and autocorrect.

38. I am one of those smartphone addicted people. Seriously. 

39. I do not have tons of friends right now. I actually have become more introverted and less people tolerant in my older years. I love saying hi to strangers and complimenting them and making them smile... but i prefer they stay strangers. Friends can be a lot of work. My hubby takes up so much of my life right now. I just have not got a big need for huge groups of friends.

40. I am not sure that I actually know some of the people on my Facebook. 

41. I finally gave in a few weeks ago and joined SNAPCHAT. I wanted more people to Snapchat with and put my sn up on Instagram. That was a mistake. I got tons of guys from ages 18 to 35 adding me and hitting on me or sending me shirtless pics! I took it off Instagram after that. And had to block and unfollow people.

 42. I do NOT like to tell people my mistakes. Lets be honest, I make them too often. I usually just do what I can to fix or hide them and move on silently. 

43. In case you were unaware, I have one arm. Missing half left. If I could magically grow an arm tomorrow I am not sure I would want to. Because then I would be like everyone else.

44. I have only one issue with having one arm. I cant do my hair.

45. I am very territorial over my name. I do NOT like other people having it.

46. Most Elena's I see are prettier and more successful than me. I am not a very high ranking Elena.

47. I am completely okay with failing or sucking.

48. I have never thought I was ugly or stupid. No matter what happens to me. No matter what people say. I kinda do not value others opinions enough. (well, not over my own anyway) and have been that way just about forever. Even as a kid. 

49. I am a mid level "conspiracy theorist". I think most people are sheep, but I also think a lot of Cons. Theo.'s are nut jobs or gullible. 

50. I refuse to "re-wear" undies or socks. But I will bras. If my undies come off my feet, that is it. They are done. Even if only worn 5 mins. And socks? Once they come off, even after a few minutes, they are done. But bras, as long as not sweat in, I will wear over and over. 

Okay. I think that is enough TELL ALL for now. 
Have a good day!

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