Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rant Ramble n' Roll

So first off, I have the cutest hubby! There was a forum post about posting pics of your sweet heart. I posted my hubs up and he was def better looking than most the pics posted. The forum topic stater herself said "your hubby is so cute". I WIN! In my eyes anyway.

Secondly, lets discuss the annual military ball. At the beginning i thought they would redeem themselves from last years mess. The first idea they spouted two weeks prior to the date, though short notice, SOUNDED FABULOUS! And affordable! Then..... YEP, theres a "then". THEN they send a letter at the about one week point saying they changed all the plans, which was going to end up costing 3 times more. NO WAY! PLUS i DID NOT AGREE WITH THE CHANGES. VERY UPSET! Only good part is that it was causing us stress to prepare for (including extreme diet) since it was such short notice.

Thirdly... my 30th bday is this year! Unsure how i feel about turning 30. But i think I look great for my age and have THE BEST HUBBY EVER and a great family. My life is good. Thats really what matters, being happy. And I am. 


oh, quick rant......

I love how ppl assume right off the bat that all girls everywhere are by nature, default, jealous of super thin shapeless skeleton girls. I got in a bit of trouble in a forum post for saying a picture posted reminded me that i did not understand why girls do not want to look like goddesses or lingerie models or pin ups but instead look like consentration camp survivers. its not healthy. why would i be jealous? its easy to cheat and look like that. stop eating...bam ugly thin. i want to be like the beauties in origanal star trek, the comic book women, the paintings, the swimsuit and pin up models. CURVES. i want and envy real curvey woman, not sticks. I'll admit when I'm envious of someone, but with "props" to them. I don't see any shame in being honest. I'm always honest. I dont fake who I am I love it. I love me, and I DO NOT APOLOGIZE for my thoughts EVER! I'm allowed them d****t! So are you, just when someone calls me a sick jealous b***h or starts spouting off like they know me "its for this reason she said that' that i go nuts. I chewed (and my mom) out a head dr for that before. He wanted to give me pills and not talk, i paid him for both but got 5 mins of him yelling at me then throwing pills at me. So I snapped. He knew nothing about me, and got me so WRONG. 


anyway night all.

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