Monday, November 28, 2011

Fresh Baked Breast

What is a woman?

There are many thoughts and opinions surrounding peoples ideal woman or idea of the perfect woman. These days, a woman can literally be anything that she wishes. A pilot, a police officer, a soldier, a professor, a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, even run for president! 


Its lwoman being liberated that allowed us to make our own money, be left money from a dying relative, vote, play sports, go to college, etc. Now moms can work while dads stay at home! Now woman can even randomly decide to literally be a man.



What ever happen to us ladies knowing how to cook, clean, do laundry, sew, iron, fold, dust, and all that we once knew? We no longer work to get dolled up for our husbands home comings, we no longer try to act dainty or lady like, we speak our minds too freely, we curse, smoke, and all other habits and deeds that are less becoming of the classic lady. 

There once were curves on almost every lass that were highly revered. For ages, hips, breasts, legs, rears, etc, were seen as a woman's beautiful art. Like a painting, once. Now we starve ourselves to the point we are skeletons with skin, and if curves are missing from over stimulated worked out bodies or starved off of us, we can inject or encourage them with enough money. Resulting in an unnatural appearance of underfed mixed with well developed. Starved was never meant to be attractive. No extreme should be. What happened to woman liking to be womanly? What was wrong with us embracing our femininity, sensuality, and overall womanliness that sets us apart from men? Our looks, our sounds, our smells, our touch, our thoughts, our nature, our talents and skills?

At one point woman practiced sewing, embroidery, painting, singing, music, reading, languages, dancing, cooking, and other such hobbies. We spent our days then being treated like a delicate and dainty fragile flower by all men. Yes there were alot of rules in place against our freedoms, no doubt. But these days we have all freedoms and little class. Even the rich are far less classy than they should be! Then we complain that "shivery is dead" and that men treat us different now. Of coarse they do, you wanted to be treated like his equal, act as such, so he is treating you like a fellow MAN. You asked for it, you can't complain!


Shouldn't there be a place in the middle? Where we can cook, clean, sew and sing. Go to dances, dates and get dolled up. A place where we can be dainty as a daisy and treated as such...but still be free liberated STRONG women? Where you are free to earn your way, to vote, to opt out of children, to speak your mind, but not have lost all femininity and class. Not lose all that wonderful stuff that makes a good wife, a happy home, and a happy husband? 


I know that cooking, cleaning, ironing and sewing are not for all women. some of us cannot play the piano, or might be miserable sitting still long enough for embroidery. Some have not the steady hands to paint, the voice to carry a tune, or the feet for dancing. But would it hurt to do something, to try one of them? To act a little bit classic wife mixed with modern edge? Or even the other way around.

I always say... happiness is in the balance. 

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