Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make Things Wright

As inspired by my sisters blog, and by my comment to it disappearing. I have decided to do a THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY blog. Directed specifically towards the Clan Of Wright. My direct family. Though all family, and friends who became family through the years, are a beautiful part of life.

Oldest to youngest is the natural order, so I'll go reverse.


Though growing up we were more so opposing forces. We have grown into a sisterhood and mutual respect for each other. Since my fathers passing, Rebecca has worked very hard to improve the person that she is. This is an admirable quality. She works hard to be all that she can to whoever she can. Quick to give you her right arm if you are in need. Often blessed with the means to do so. She strives to be caring, open minded, understanding, and sensitive while still remaining calm and strong. Always being the apple of my mothers tree, she too possesses extreme emotional waves. These, though often she finds bothersome, allow her to later step back and try to see the other persons side. She is kind, smart, caring, sharing and still retains a small amount of the nerdy monkey we love her for. Though she is the youngest, she is sometimes more grown up.
Becca could almost be considered a glue of the family these days. Trying very hard to stay in contact with us all and encouraging us to spend time together. Grown into a very caring, responsible, and talented young lady. Always the mamas girl, she is very watchful over mother. Taking control of mothers health to ensure she lives a long happy life. Very artistic, and creative. I think she tends to under estimate herself. Monkey got me through hard times between panic attacks and withdrawals from quitting. If one must be sandwiched between two siblings, I feel lucky one is her.


Skipping over ELENA DIANE WRIGHT..... ehm



Tina was a great big sister to monkey and myself. Very watchful and protective. When we were younger, maybe a tad bossy, but she was responsible for us. Tina and I are eleven months apart. Almost twin territory. Like twins, we are polar opposites! Tina was always the well mannered behaved sister. She always did as she was told without question or attitude. Oddly, she had more a tendency to following me around, then I her. I was very ADD and day dreamy, drifting back and forth and wandering off alot. Because of her always thinking so much of me, I think that it was because of that more than anything which led me to be so open and confident despite being born with a defect. As teens we were close and hung around each other often. Tina strives to be many things, and is many things. Both of my sisters often being to hard on themselves. She is a great person. Kind, very helpful. Miss FIX IT! Very smart with figuring out how to put things together or how things work. Also caring almost to much for other people and their feelings. Tina has a soul as white as snow, because she has a pure and caring heart. Not sure what I would do without my Tina!


What a mighty good man. My daddy was great. True he had a brain tumor, causing bi-polar tendencies and all that mess. But that was not my father. I learned early to separate them like Dr Jackal and Mr Hyde.

I was a daddy's girl. I seem to put off that, I've noticed throughout my life "fathers" esp with daughters, tend to get really fatherly over me when they meet me. teachers, Bosses, Co-Workers, etc.

Daddy had a hard time growing up. He had about the worst childhood one could imagine. Not jesting. He was a die hard with us having a good equal treated happy childhood. And due to my condition, he felt watchful and protective of me. Usually if I had no one in my corner, Daddy would be there in it.

There is just not enough space to discuss how awesome my father was. Always one of the biggest kids on holidays. So badly wanting us to enjoy each one. He made huge lasting impressions on our lives. And the lives of many others after surviving nearly a decade and a half with a brain tumor that was suppose to kill him in 6 months.

I remember, when I was a child, I often saw ghosts/spirits, etc. Anytime I yelled daddy raced in to check, despite not seeing anything and assure me it was all ok. He told us if our teachers give us trouble (about going to bathroom, etc) "you tell them to CALL ME!" (which btw I did once and they got chewed out into bitty bits and were not at all happy) He was even caring to our friends. He would come upstairs and ask about our friends lives and how they were doing. He loved animals. Once a friend, Jessie, got hamsters her parents wouldn't let her keep, Daddy was shocked and said it was ok for her to keep them at our house.

He was always sure no matter what happened between our friends and family that we could band together and figure it out. Taught me to always ask questions. He said "There is no such thing as a stupid question. s long as you really want to know the answer." Which I always took to heart, and still quote.

He was one of the hardest working men you ever met. He had a IQ of about 139 I think (mama said he said one point under genius), was a green beret, in the 82 airborne, a medic, campus police officer, and accountant. He could build anything from wood in no time flat and no special fancy tools. He could grow a garden as pretty as Eden with his eyes closed. Very emotional, loving, and caring father. He showed us a real man can be strong and sensitive. He always was both.

Daddy was also said to be a hunk.



My mother. She is a FL girl. Moved to GA to start a great life in her young adult years. (early twenties). She had some hardships growing up in a family of thirteen. Parents often absent, she and her older sister helped raise most her siblings.

My mom is a tale of fiction these days. Rare. She cooks, sews, the works. We were brought up going to church and praying, regularly not occasionally. The bible was more than half of what she would, and still, would talk about. She is a silly silly goofy women. Loves to goof off and laugh. Both my parents did, so we are goofy. My mom would watch cartoons and laugh right along with us. She made being an adult look more fun than most parents do. She loves animals, and crafts, cooking, the lord and her family. I put that women through a whole lot in my teen years and she stayed hopeful. Not the type of mom to write you off for upsetting her, never would give up or say your dead to her. Her family in FL has yet to drive her out of their lives. She holds everyone in her heart. A small task for a heart as big as hers.

Mother to the world. She has always accepted anyone in her home, and treated them like family. Not just saying that she did, actually doing it. And we have had so many people live in our home that were in need over the years. My mother is eternally charitable.

With fantastic new editions, JACOB STEVENS, AND DANIAL BABER.
Who are PERFECT FITS in our silly loving family.

Without my pookie bear (Jacob), I don't know what I'd do! He has changed my life for the better. Though my family helps alot too.


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  1. I feel so blessed to be in our family :) & to have you as my sister also! Thanks for all the uplifting & heartfelt words & thoughts. They mean more than you could ever imagine.

    loves you muchos Elesialeskanta


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