Monday, June 13, 2011

Awesome-a-thon: Day 3

So Its Day 3 of Lani D's 100 Fantastic Things - Awesome-a-thon!

20 Fantastic Things
Part 3 of 5

1. Painting Things!

2. Nuts / Seeds

3. Energism Art - kinda like dreamvision

4. Surrealism art - delightfully insane!

5. Love Statues, esp abstract ones

6. Elephants!

7. Glitter and Sparkle and Shimmer!

8. Vivid Colors!

9. Fluffy heads!

10. Chic Black Clothing

11. Complex Musical Pieces (Symphony, Orchestra, even well written Electronic Numbers) - no voices

12. Can't belive just now getting to this one - THE MALL (ESP ATL ONES)

lenox mall, around the food court area

13. Poetry - Writing and Reading

14. Coloring Books and Crayons!

15. Whales/Sea Mammels

16. Earings! I love earing more than any other type of Jewelry!

17. Old Hollywood Glamour (which will take me to 18)

18. VANITIES! Glamourous Vintage Ones!

19. Greek Mythology! (I have always adored it!)

20. Bunny Wabbits! I LOVE BUNNIES!

Okay, thats todays 20 FANTASTIC THINGS!
Tomorrow is another day off for Jacob, So I might not get day four out until wensday.

We'll see. I could get time. ANYWAY! Have a great evening!
hugs - xoxo LD

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