Thursday, June 23, 2011

La Femme Idéale

The Ideal Woman?

What do you think that implys? What does the world tell us it is suppose to be?
Well, the worlds opinion can shove it, frankly. That opinion changes every decade.

I can tell you what my version of this "ideal" is though. I can at least point out a few key traits.

BALANCE is the magic word.
1. Not to simple, but not to complex. A women should be deeper than the average shallow swimsuit model, but should never be overly melancholy and enigmatic. To complex is stressful, to simple is boring. Sometimes life needs to be easy. It shouldn't always be an over analyzed, dramatised, idealized screaming in your face work of insanity. Sometimes it needs to be calming, clean, quick and quiet. But ever now and then, sprinkled like red pepper, a little extra insanity can spice things up.

2. Quirky, but classic. Its appealing for a woman to have unique quirks and a nerdy side. But not that she only be nerdy. The idea of a sophisticated classy woman is timeless, but can again, be boring if thats all there is to her. Basically don't be "put her on a shelf" pretty, and don't be "nerd is the word" over the top weird. (to much nerd/quirk can be like adding extra drops of consentrated sour to oj, a lil is kinda fun, to much is NOT. On the other end, no one can really fall in love with an unfeeling Rembrandt painting)

3. Strong, and soft. a woman must be strong for life, and for love. Her man will not want to admit it, but he will rely greatly on her strength. (behind every great man is a strong woman). But, a man needs to be the man. So she must be soft, fragile, and tender. Sensitive, warm and caring are not weaknesses, but they are an appealing softness.

4. Both a beauty as well a brain. Not that ditsy isn't cute. But plain stupid gets old. Try to AT LEAST know some BASIC subjects, and use common sense! I like trying to learn a little bit about everything. So I'm less likely to entire a convo that is COMPLETELY beyond me. And no one looks highly upon a girl who rolls outta bed and walks out the door. Taking care of yourself and pride in your appearance shows confidence. (also that your not lazy and gross) Not saying you need to "beauty pageant" it every day. But it can't hurt to do the basics. Clean, moisturize, brush your hair, and try not to dress in raggedy wrinkly holy worn n' torn cloths. Also, throw on a skirt once in a while.

5. Career woman meets Homemaker. This is a varied preference. But I think a woman needs most of her time free to care for her house and hubby/family. Though, in some cases a small non demanding job can help take some pressure off hubbies shoulders. Don't steal his bacon, but help him bring it home. I think when women go to powerhouse they emasculate the man. Now if your single, still I'd lay off the powerhouse career woman thing. It can be unappealing to a onlooker if he sees you eat everyone alive or if your too wrapped up in climbing the ladder (work) to enjoy life.

6. The Diva meets the "don't care". This too is varied. Sometimes at first sight, in all her sparkling "outshining" glory, a Diva can be as appealing and lovely as a warm glowing sunrise. But she can make your wallet go blind. Anyone exposed to diva-ness for to long might find themselves sick and drained. Like diva cancer, the high matience beauty and attitude can eat away at you till there is nothing left! Its ok to fall asleep in cotton pjs, go without makeup, throw your hair up carelessly, eat junk food and be the backup singer every now and then. Its ok not to "shine" everyday (unless you are literally the sun...then, please do). Sometimes a man wants a girl to be her messy easy laid back self. Just don't let "slacker" days take over your entire life.

7. "Sunny-Clouds" or Stable and Unstable. You don't ALWAYS have to see the silver lining and smile. It can be too much to handle if you are all sunny. We all need emotional vacations. Take the time to try out a few others every now and then! This does not give anyone the go-ahead on 24-7 crazy time. NO. Stable emotions and ration/logic are fantastic, but even men pms or blow a casket. So you sure as helk can!

8. Not to clean, but be pristine. Try not talking like you hang out with butt scratching hairy sweaty belching farting men all the time. Lay off cursing, its unattractive. Unless you mean business. It is silly to see a very very angry serious women yell "patooty!" Try to mind your manners. But that does not mean to be all "Bree - Desperate Housewives (pre divorce)" on your fella. You can show your human, they certainly do. Its ok to let the house get sloppy on his off time. Its ok to say dirty things when your intimate (dirty, not raunchy). Its ok to occasionally "let your body be itself" too. Don't explode or run yourself ragged trying to dart into your bomb shelter bathroom just to ease yourself. So every now and then ...(← key words)... umm...let it rip? (or squeek, or poof.) By no means do I think its lady like, so don't get carried away.

9. The best friend, and the lover. This one is simple. Be both. But be both 100%. (Of each! Oh ya, that is right. I'm asking for 200 %) That is all I'm going to say.

10. BE HONEST - BE YOU! Do not try to go out of your comfort zone to "be" something you think you should be. Be you. Fake is not attractive. Its easy to spot a girl who is trying to hard to be things that she isn't. Its very unappealing. "Plastic or painted personalities" are not what men are looking for.

Ok, that is just this one girls opinion. A few other balance tips, be spiritual and scientific. Be silly and serious. Be independent and codependent. Be romantic...period. Love never fails. oh, and a personal PET PEEVE -


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  1. BTW - That is one of my fathers silver screen crushes in the photo. Rita Hayworth. He also fancied Ava Gardener, and a few others.


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