Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lani D's - 5 Day Awesome-a-thon

100 Fantastic Things

The idea of this I took from Running Disciple,
a link I got off of my sisters blog -  Morning Glory Sunrise

My fantastic things will not really be in order, but number one is of coarse my babycakes! Without him I'd be half a person, and completely depressed. Without him, I'd be a different person all together!

20 Fantastic Things!
Part One Of Five:

1. Jacob my sweet angel

2. Godiva Chocolate....oh my


4. Polka Dots Never Get Old!

5. Cute Puppies (like Corgis)

6. Hugging My Dearest

7. Kissing My Dearest!

8. Cartoons Brighten Up My Day!

9. Baking Desserts, And Eating Them

10. Marquise Rings

11. Late Night X-files

12. Summer Blockbusters!

12. Monokinis! I decided they are nifty!

13. Oh my gosh.... FLIP FLOPS!

14. Romantic Baths Together

15. Romantic Picnics

16. Fresh Mozzarella, Or Any FRESH Cheese

17. Playing Frisbee With Jacob

18. Playing In The Park

19. Beautiful Beaches

20. Being Wrapped in a Warm Blanket

Ok, so thats my first 20 FANTASICLY AWESOME THINGS!
I will do my next twenty tomorrow. This is harder than I thought. Not that
I have trouble thinking of great things that make me happy, just
Finding twenty fitting pix before the days end when I'm busy. Thats hard.
(this actually was started yesterday afternoon, I'll have to be quicker)

OK! I got laundry to do! ....


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  1. honestly, I was wrapped up in a warm blankey when I did this. I'm always in a blanky. a teal blanky ;) lol


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