Monday, June 6, 2011


I have been watching this series lately while my husband is at work. (I try to find sub - par programs he wouldn't be interested in.) I'd have to say though I do find it interesting, I couldn't rate it more than 4 stars. Today, it did help me realize something.

The episode I was inspired by was addressing an OCD germaphobic man who was afraid of everything. He was working in a laboratory, studying "cellular regeneration" in reptiles. Hoping for a breakthrough to help humans. In an accident, he was given the ability himself. Now he had no fear, now he could do anything!

That was his mindset. Germs now seemed less contaminating and disgusting. Life seemed less hazardous. The idea of a baseball game once disturbed him, but now he was actually open to the idea.

With our world, with our science and technology, we are almost too aware of germs, viruses and bacteria. Why are humans so obsessed with this?


Its knowing what those things can lead to that cause us to fear them. We have become obsessed with protecting our life. And why shouldn't we? As it stands now, we only get one earthly life to live. To grow, learn and experience. Whats wrong with wanting to protect it?

NOTHING.... if you don't end up so concerned that your unable to live a healthy life.

BUT! What if we WERE able to regenerate so easily? What if our bodily defense system was stronger? Impenetrable? Would life seem LESS  precious over time? Would birth mean less? Would milestones become unimportant?

Though it might help some, like the OCD man from Eureka, I do not believe that overall it would be a positive thing. Unless it was a small boost in immunity and not a super boost.

As humans, I don't think we were made to handle "super" anything.

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