Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awesome-a-thon: DAY 5 (Final Post)


Today ends the awesome-a-thon, as I present my last twenty totally fantasic things. Though I am sad, it is kinda fun and inspiring, I'm also glad to not have it hanging over head. Without firther delay:


1. A good massage!

2. Comedy Movies

3. Morning full of snuggles!

our favorite cuddle position

4. Ghirardelli Gourmet 60% Cocoa Chocolate Chips

I eat a bag a week!

5. Netflix

6. Vacations!

7. Mexican Food

8. Friendship

9. Cute Funny Lil' Old Men!

10. My father - RIP

11. Pedis and Manis by babycakes

12. Fresh Milk (esp with cookies or brownies)

13. Presents under a christmas tree

14. Fantasy and Paranormal

14. LOVE

15. Holding Hands

16. Brown Sugar

17. Old Keys

18. Pretty Lingerie

19. Star Trek (esp spock)

20. Big swings

I'd like to end in saying that there are way to many likeable things! This exercise helps you to realize how many awesome things there are. like frogs, bubbles, breezes, popcicles, butterfly kisses, peaceful walks, catchy tunes, family, or just life! LIFE in general is a big one. Love life.

ok children. thats the end of my list! hope it was not to painful. hope it put on a smile on someones face.

xoxo - ld

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