Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Prime Time

everyone always refers to 16-25 as the good years. The "prime" of their lives. Wouldn't it be funny if it actually was later on in life, instead of earlier? I THINK MINE IS!

I actually will be turning 30 this year, and the closer I creep to my thirties, the better of a person I feel I am. Both in beauty, in health, in who I am becoming, and in my mental well being. Like I'm turning into a butterfly.

I guess you could say I'm a late bloomer.

I was crazy in my teen years, and not under a 6, but never over an 8. (1 - 10 beauty scale) On myspace in my twenties I was rated an 8 regularly. But I was not a good person then either. And I still only think I looked ok when "dolled up". One should be able to be beautiful in pjs, as they are dolled up.

Well having a few enigmatic health issues made me begin trying things for relief. My current eating habits are the best in my life. I EAT SALADS NOW! Try not to die of shock.

I think its up to us to decide when our "prime" in. And not just stop caring about ourselves because things come up. Everyone should take time to take great care of the only body they get. It will pay you back if you do. Think of it like this, Ignoring a plant will not produce a bud. It needs light and water and even food. If treated right, its 100th bloom will be as awe insipring as its very first.

xoxo - LD


  1. I think you were always beautiful, inside & out, you just never saw it until now, & showed yourself the respect you DESERVE :)


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