Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid
and durable happiness there is in our lives. ~ C. S. Lewis

Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind
extinguishes candles and fans fires. ~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"LOVE", one of the most commonly discussed human emotions. With so many different people on this earth, there almost seems to be just as many different definitions of this popular heart felt emotion. Yet many writers have sought out to capture a unified description of what we consider "LOVE" to be, or involve. This is actually my purpose today. :)

Love is many things, here is a list of my definition of love. What I think it means.....

Its waking up and realizing your not so important anymore.
Because you found something that actually means more to you than yourself.

Its meeting that person that brings out your inner child. Laughing, giggling, tickling, joking about each other, silly pet names, holding hands, holding each other like the teddy bear you couldn't go to sleep without, goofy smiles, sharing secrets, bugging and pranking each other at any given chance.

Love is the person you are the happiest with.
The person who calms your soul.
The one who makes you smile the kind of smiles that later in life will become the deepest wrinkles.
The one who finally allows your heart to understand the beauty in the meaning of "content".

Love is the person you have the most fun with. Ever!

Love is responsible for the strongest emotions of your life,
both the most happy and the most sad you can ever be.

Love is breaking your back, breaking a sweat, or breaking your budget and not caring
because your breaking it for the one you love.

Love can say things that will hurt you the most, though they are the ones who mean it the least.

Love is a fight before bed, that turns into cuddling by morning.
Because love runs deep, and anger does not.
Not with love.

Love is twisting your ankle to just answer their call, and still smiling.

Love is laughing about jokes that make no sense whatsoever! And not caring why.

Love can cause the most pristine tears you can ever cry, for loves sorrow is a pure clean unselfish sadness that is not tainted or infected by our less desirable human traits.

Love is seeing that person do weird things, gross things
or even seeing them at their ugliest, and still be head over heels for them.

Love is a much needed foot massage, even if the feet are sweaty and stink.

Love is thankful, kind, giving, tender, protective, sensitive, understanding, selfless. It is painted with all these beautiful words and more just as the rainbow is many colors all flowing together in magical yet natural beauty.

Love is one of the most important things you will ever do.
Love makes more of a lasting positive impact on people than money or power ever could.

Love finds a way to occupy your mind. It also finds a way to occupy your conversations.
(one can't help but always think/talk about their love)

Love makes everyday tasks feel more important.
Burning a meal is upsetting, burning a meal you cooked for your love is heartbreaking.

Love makes you look at eternity, and see it as "Not long enough"

Love makes the forbidden fruit of the garden, the old forgotten fruit of the garden.
For who would trade real love for apples???

Love will be the clearest most distinct thing in your life.
It can cause everything else in life to seem blurry and unfocused.
For in love your mind, heart, and eyes are all focusing on the same thing. The most important thing to them all. And when all three agree, everything else melts away like ice cream in the summer sun.

Love is remembering how fun things use to be. Or finding out how fun things can be.

Love is trying really hard to focus on the most boring tedious thing ever, just to make the other happy.

Love is doing things that you don't have to because you want to.

Love breeds with itself. It can infest your whole world like a swarm of breathtaking butterflies.
Love also breeds happiness.

Love is a shared glance at one another. A smile in the eyes.

Love is still flirty and frisky after 60 years.

In love, two bodies can never be close enough to each other.

Love is the lady who takes the various scraps of both minds and sews them together into a beautiful warm quilt that will keep both of them warm in each others arms forever.

Love is feeling her kiss your cheek, as she is thinking about it.
Though at the time you were hundreds of miles apart.

Love is not a prisoner of time, nor is it aware of distance. It is felt through years and miles.

Love is only produced as love, It may not be tainted.
But it may be produced less if it is not saturating your hearts every beat.

In love, you don't have to worry about your needs, desires, dreams, defense. That is now the job of the other to do. This is how love works. You look towards them, they look towards you. Its an infinite formula that produces infinite love.

Love is not better at a place, a time, a celebration, eating, drinking, dancing, or even in making. Love is better everywhere. Once one feels love, it follows them.

Love is baking at midnight. Because a glance led to a smile lead to "your hungry aren't you?"

Love is knowing, love is saying. Love is not asking.

Love is more beautiful than a sunrise as you awaken, smiling and looking into one anothers eyes.

Love is the insanity that makes you try to stop a bullet with your body.

Love makes little sense, but it never really had to.

Love is here, it is around, whether or not you join in the song and dance, whether or not you jump in its refreshing waters, whether or not you sign up, its there and its happy.

You don't HAVE to be a couple to know love. Love can be with children, with family, and with pets. But I do think the strongest love is between the two pieces of the one puzzle.

Ok, I think I could go on for hours longer, But I'm quite sure that what I have put is more than enough for now. Sometimes love just needs to be screamed from the mountain tops. It needs to be expressed. 


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