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The People Disease

People Vs You
(Bare with me through the example portion, then I'll make my point)

People have many emotions. People are very complex creatures.
People are all designed with self preservation as a baser instint.
Meaning, people are almost inherently self centered. Self motivated.

Picture yourself in a room full of people. Do not yet attach familiar faces, or any character.
You don't know the people, they are still and emotionless, for now. Evaluate how you currently feel at this moment, in a room of still quiet emotionless unfamiliar people.

Now, picture a fight, an argument, unfolding between two people within 5 ft of you. How do you picture the faces of the once emotionless strangers changing now? Better yet, how do you feel yourself responding?

Now if your emotions were colors ......

What color would you be right now? If this color had to have a + or - accompanying it, which would it be?
Most likely a - would be accompanying your current emotion.

Now picture yourself in the previously mentioned situation, but before the fight. Calm, blank people. Then pick a group or few to start laughing. Bright smiles and warm laughter from a select group. Picture the reaction from this situation, how are others responding in passing them or being around them? How is watching the group make you feel? And again, what color is that emotion? Is it a + or -?
I'll assume its more than likely a +, unless you have envy issues of some kind.

SO What is....


Who you surround yourself with, or find yourself surrounded by, can greatly effect your mood. Even more so, in time it can actually effect you you are as a person. Like a disease that spreads through a group of over sexually active celebrities or teenagers, simple emotions, feeling, even thoughts, actions, and traits can spread through a group of people.

For example, If I hang around someone who talks different, be it an accent or unique terms, in time I find myself repeating things as they would say them. This to can happen with more important character traits in time. You might eventually find yourself open up to ideas that you once were against. You might find that your mood patterns have changed to more often match those around you.

These changes are a delicate situation! they can be very positive, or, they can be very negative! One could learn racial tolerance from one group, or intolerance from another. You could learn respect for women, or how badly you can treat them. You could find yourself helping those in need, or using everyone around you. All because you caught the character viruses of those whom are a intricate part of your everyday life.

Its best to seek out those characteristics you wish to see in yourself, or like about yourself, in a friend or group of friends. If your at an office, or workplace and can't escape the bad ones, then it would be important to make time for + company or happy time each day. This might help "ward of infection" of - traits.

Keeping up with your friends and moods can help you to combat easier the stresses that so many suffer from. Stress can do more damage than most actual diseases or sickness actually can. Smoking, drinking, etc, is bad, but you might as well smoke two packs a day if you live your life drowning in - mood swings and stress.
Happy = Healthy

The People Disease - Vampires

the "Energy Vampire"
"Energy Vampires", are people who drain other people of their energy just by being near them. They can change a persons type of energy just by being there. One test was done with a machine that used our hands to see an energy in us. It showed the effect of a normal blue energy person on another blue. No change. But when a red one was introduced, it changed the blue and drained it. Though this kind of thing is harder to study with machines, in life we know people who just being around them changes our whole mood. Instantly you feel moody, tired, and/or frustrated.
In some cases this could just be personality clashing. But think of the 5 types listed in the web link above...

- The Aloof

- The Interrogator

- The Intimidator

- The Boaster and Bragger

(the link goes into detail about what each is)

Think about how you feel whenever you are around those people. They feed off of the way you respond to them. Its a form of control that boosts them. This is even more reason to keep a close watch on those around you, for your own sake. For your mental peace and happiness.

You need to change your world for your world to change.
Avoid the disease.


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  1. Basic point: If someone upsets you, stresses you out, pisses you off, or causes you to act wrongly, then it might not be a good idea to be around said person very often.

    Its important to keep as many things as possible a postive (+) in your life. Life gives enough negatives (-) without you helping it along.

    Don't worry, Be happy. ;)


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