Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Edible Arts

Cooking is my main "hobby" right now. I might not be like a french chef or have dishes you can hang in an art museum as some do, but I do enjoy cooking. 


So whats a gal to do when she is trying to eat "healthy", yet so badly desires to bake up a storm? Baking healthy desserts is not only a step more difficult than normal, but also more expensive. So when times are tough, I go for normal. 

Though, I do believe this contributes to dieting issues and random gains. Even moreso when its nearing the end of the year. Season of the eating holidays. Throw two birthdays on top and you got a problem! 

And even though I know all of this, I still get a mad insane crazy kinda  desire to bake and cook up a storm. Maybe its a girl thing? Or a southern thing? Or just maybe, its just that I really enjoy doing it. 

EITHER WAY! I got a bad case of the bakings going on. I am thinking about so many things I want to do, not a one healthy! *sigh*. Wish they had a pill or powder you could use to instantly fix that. 

Until then.... I suppose I'll just suck it up and keep on keepin on. Cooking homemade chili, stews, cakes, cookies, making butter, frosting, or whatever else it is I think of. And keep on trying to diet on top of it. I'm sure eventually I'll find my way. :)

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  1. You will work it all out :) I'm sure of it! & I think cooking & baking is just in our genes lol, as I always say you can't have our mother and not love cooking somehow! I understand the end of the year gain also (faced the music of the scale today finally), luckily we have a year to work it off till next time!


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