Friday, January 6, 2012


I figured it be nice to publicly declare the positive aspects in my life from last year. Each day is a gift they say. And each year is not promised to us. I'm thankful for all I have, and for making it to age 30 and into the new millennium and 2012. 

a quickie pic free list of my top 11 fave blessings from 2011:

1. another year married to my love! We celebrated our second year anniversary in november 2011.

2. another year with Josie. She is probably about 8 years old now, and I adore my baby girl. I'm blessed each year I spend with her. I am glad she is in good health and happy.

3. family. your never promised you'll get to see them again, so every year you do is special.

4. officer dixon. helping Jacob and taking a liking to him because he saw in Jacobs heart and saw his purity and strength. He truly tries so hard to help us through this process. Nice man
5. sgrt. paul, so willing and eager to vouch for Jacob and cheer him on. He is a good influence to Jacob. I think he sorta looks up to him in a brotherly way.

6. another year with Jacobs car. she is fading off a bit faster, we have not had the money to get a new one. So really everytime she cranks now (esp in winter) is a miracle!

7. well fed! we were not eating healthy, or as kings. But I heard of a family whose youngest died of starvation do to poverty brought on by the recession. We ate just fine, never going hungry. often putting on weight. lol. esp holidays. 

8. xmas. i know not everyone could afford an xmas with gifts. though family, love, warmth, food, music and cartoons really are enough. we still, considering everyone being broke, had a good xmas in terms of gifts. Not a vital part, not necessary, but a blessing.

9. hubby time! Jacob left his horrible job early to focus his time and energy on his apd application. That has givin me over a month (maybe almost 1.5ish) of hubby time! he gets to relax and enjoy no 16 hour shifts or crazy schedules, managers or ppl. and I get to enjoy him. rocks. major blessing!

10. I turned 30! sounds like I'd be sad, but I have had too many "close calls" in my life. I think if I was a cat, I'd be on life number 7 at LEAST! so every year I get to be alive and with my love and the world I feel is a blessing!

.... I notice my explanations for these are getting increasingly longer. lol. The "summing it up" I guess wore off quick. 

11. I guess I'll go with health and happiness! No I'm not the healthiest person every, I have afflictions and physical burdens. But it could be far worse! I have no cancer, aids/stds, debilitating mental or physical conditions, no broken bones (ever...knock on wood), my eyes are not awful awful, no diabetes, heart murmurs, blood pressure issues (any more), etc. THINGS COULD BE WORSE. and they aren't so THATS A BLESSING!


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