Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Battle of The Bodies

There has been a female war waging. Esp in advertising. The web has helped to spread both sides of the campain. But it seems to me, that the middle ground again goes unrepresented. 

Fat vs Thin
Curvey vs Skinny

What ever happened to healthy?

I do realize we need plus sized models, do to the industries need to produce clothing for women of a weight/size range that do not fit in conevtional standards of clothing sizes. And I know also that there are naturally "thin" chicks out there as well. But why work so hard to fight for such a minor group? Why fight so hard on sides that miss the whole issue that really started the fight? HEALTH.

Let us tell a quick tale. Models are being urged to weigh in, to eat more, to not be thin. Those whose weights are under are cut from ads and let go. This is infuriating the noodles, I'm sorry the respectable ladies (who deny eating disorders to get as unrealisticaly thin as they are). So they are fighting it. 

On the other end... there are the more thick side of the debate. Pictures of weighty women, and plump models nude to campain the big and beautiful side. Promoting curves are for REAL WOMEN. 

Now, while anything that can produce offspring is a women..... (overies lady, sperm man) It is actually female hormones that produce said curves. But the curves of which I speak are breasts, hips and butts. Curves related to sexuality and baby making. There is a reason nature puts mens desire for hips, larger hips are better breeders. Its part of nature ppl. This does not include curves other places. 

Now that storytime is over. You understand. There is a war between the two sides. Two sides I see as both riding the borderlines (or crossing) of what is HEALTHY FOR YOUR BODY!

I'll never understand why healthy is not hot....

^ this last pic. The three ladies are all lovely. And all real women. But the middle one is the more appealing look to me. 

Why not just stick to the healthy BMI or fat BFP range for models? 

There is whining "its not fair to the naturally thin". PFFFT! Since when has modeling been a "fair" industry????????? To my knowledge you must be a certain height, look, and age range to even consider main stream modeling? I have only part of my left arm, by birth, so I realize that myself (and those alike) could never be models. DO YOU HEAR ME WHINING???? NO! GET OVER IT!


BS that is leading to results such as this.... meet ms universe....

ain't she lovely? (sarcasm) nothing says sexy like seeing skeleton. Nothing says "best of the best." or "i'm a winner" or even 'healthy" like someone who looks like they escaped a concentration camp. 

and the other side....

the plump fight... 

Nothing is wrong with being plus sized... but if its unhealthy there is a problem. 
As seen in this popular picture....

Being overweight is no better than being underweight. You should want to be ..


and that means vital, vibrant, healthy, happy, brilliant, content, motivated, etc. 

Just think on this for a second (refering to modeling) Who would you want to see in a swimsuit????


....just sayin.......LD

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