Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Hair Share

I was told, if I can lose weight and get fit, I can dye my hair! For those of you unaware, hubby like "natural". As well as low maintenance. So he said "no coloring/dying/etc". So now I have all virgin locks. As well as long hair since he requested I grow it out. 

Now, my hubby loves me how I am. I has never stopped being attracted to me, I can def vouche for that. (he drives me bonkers at times, lol) but he knows what I want. He gets to hear about it alot, and wants me to be happy. He likes buying me clothes and has to hear me complain about how I look in some things and not wanting them. So he has agreed as a motivational method to let me break his "no dye" rule if I reach my goal. 


So I started picking out hair cuts recently, because I have not had one in a long time! Since my last hair cut from my stylist Josh, before he injured himself. My hair has grown from up near my chin to under my boobs in that time. And I feel like its a freaking blanket. Its cut in no style, so I don't really like the look of it down. 

As much as it bugs me and I want a cut, I figured (for 2 reasons...) I'd not get a cut until I lost weight. Maybe the annoyance and irritation of my shapeless locks will drive me nuts enough to motivate me extra. Since its something I can see and deal with everyday, vs being use to seeing no color. Also, for more "wow" when I get it all done at once. Like a makeover.

Shocking prob to those of you who know the trim rules, to avoid "breakage" and damage. But alas, I have been blessed and in my disliking my shapeless mane, I keep it pulled up alot. Which between that and my obedience to the hair care rules, have few split ends and fairly low down. I was SHOCKED! I hope to maintain  that until I get my cut. 

What cut, and color am I swooning over right now? 

My cut crush for the moment is Marisa Miller, specifically Grammy shots of recent. 


My reasons : (first mostly)  her hairs fluffy lighter/fine, wavy, dry texture reminds me of my hair. Her part is center (I always like cuts that are off center but have a die hare center part) and the longer lengths are close as well. It also looks easy to fix. Big plus!

Hair color crushes? 
STRAWBERRY BLONDE (my biggest interest right now)

Brown with blonde

honey blonde

or other blondes.

I am leaning towards blonde. Why? I'm sure Jacob saying "no blonde" has some to do with it. But also, the last hair color I did have was dark. And I want light. And, Jacob did really like this one picture of me where I was blonde. And met me with blonde "rogue" streaks. 

Staying away from direct red, as it can limit what you where. Also its higher upkeep, fades fast. Maybe later though. IDK. 

Also trying to stick to more "grown up" pics. Aiming foor sexy bed head. My hair stays in a bed head curl mostly. I pull it up while drying to prevent at least 60% of its curls. So its like tousled tresses.

So thats my hair hopes. 
Now since it will be a bit before I reach my goal, I could eventully work on setting aside funds for it. 
And for my cut. My hair will def have more growing time if I do keep from cutting it until then. 



  1. Can't wait to see it! & good luck with the weight goal, if I can help just let me know! Love you!

  2. If you can help, please do! lol. I mostly need motivating as I procrastinate and tend to be rebellious if Jacob reminds me. I started "Drop 10" with (the mag). We'll see how it goes. Need to cut back carbs and exercise more. (exercise is the big one).


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