Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Wife, Fabulous Life

That is correct. I am blogging about this. I found a corresponding ABC News Article written on the subject as well. Click here to read. 

I have been delaying my writing about this for some time. I think a lot of women can get a tad princessy over the idea. I do not agree with the attitude that we should be worshiped like cats in Egypt. I don't really think either spouse should be treated like a god. However, I think the way women "spoil" men can be perceived that way. 

I usually ENJOY spoiling my husband. WHY? I'm in a good mood. I'm HAPPY.

See, I do not think "Happy wife = Happy life" means what women want it to mean. I think its more on the basis of, our emotions rule us more than men. If we are in a good mood, we are more nurturing, giving, selfless, and want him to be also. 

I think outsiders might see my husbands being spoiled in the wrong light. They are not there to see how happy he keeps me. Lucky for him, I do not require "acts". Its not really one of my major LOVE Languages. My big ones are words, time and touch. Mostly the latter two. Snuggles alone in our room fills my "happy meter" or "battery" up. I feel recharged and ready to spoil him. 

Yes, we enjoy "play fighting". I act like something he is doing bothers me, its a weird form of flirting others do not get. It puts him in "cute mode". Plus he thinks I'm cute when I'm mad, so we put on a show and act. Though not well, since we smile the whole time. Real fight between two bipo's would not be so cute or silly. 

Yes we have real disagreements. Usually one bowing out to the others want easily fixes it. If i'm happy, I easily bow out, if I'm not, I insist on a compromise. 

Being married is not always a stepford wives scene. But, I'd say 85% or more of the time Hubby and I are still deeply in love. 

He is my prince charming, my knight, my hero, my dream, my wish and my best friend. I think more wives should work on their perception of their man and their marriage. A "What about me?" attitude never solved anything. Try being thoughtful and giving, and he may want to return it. Love = Love. You get out what you put in. Hubby puts in love, and I absorb a little like a lot. So he gets what is thought as or called spoiled. 

I call it love.

He does things for me, I do things for him. That is how it should be.
 Happy wife (make her smile, her heart dance, make her laugh or feel loved)
Happy Life (She will want to use her natural kind nurturing female nature to care for you)

Just remember ppl, Its love, not a contest. 

Be happy together, for each other, with each other. In love. 

Treat them like you love them.

there will be a part two to this. ;) 

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