Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rain makers

People who are honestly happy, are happy when your happy. People who are not happy do not seem to want others happy either. Make certain that those you spend time with are happy, and honestly so. Fake smiles can not hide discouraging words. Negativity is like the flu. Do not let yourself catch it. Surround yourself in sunlight, and you shall never know darkness. Surround yourself in darkness, and you shall never know the beauty of the world. Or in life. Know who around you is a smile MAKER or a smile TAKER.
I have seen people have their lives thrown completely off track, simply due to a friend or family member who was feeding them darkness they were unable to sense. Like a rain dance, every time that friend was around the once sunny skies in their lives were filled with storms and saddness. Breeding suspicion, drama, mistrust, loss of faith or hope simply do to a source the person could not see for themselves. Semms these types are great at hiding in our BLIND SPOT.
One our hearts create, out of our feelings for the person. You can not see darkness in a blind spot. Years I wasted of my life from this. So many people, negative darkness bringers, hid in that spot. It spun my life out of control and ruined many years of life. But they say, if you learned something from it, its not wasted. And I have.
Watch out for the company you keep. Friends, family, I don't care. If it "offends you" cut it off. If you had a finger, that had a severe infection, one you could not stop, cut if off to save the rest of you. This means if you have someone you can not save from unhappiness or negativity, let them go.
Do not crash and burn your life trying to save them. Ever see the movie WHAT DREAMS MAY COME? Well, they warned him, do to the extreme sadness of her case, that usually her types brought his types to thier "reality" rather than being saved. Now, he was barely able to bring her out, but it was a one in a billions sort of thing. Also it was a movie. The truth to be taken from it though, and even spoken in the bible, is undeniable. You must not risk your life, heart, soul, personality or happiness on someone who will bring you down. Everyone wants to think their case is the Robbin Williams one. They can do it. And I'm not saying no one ever should help anyone. But help if your helping, nothing more. Achieve the understanding that your postition should be that of a mentor, a counseler, not a companion. Do not open your mind up to them, or the poison, virus, the darkness could seep in. Always seek out the sunlight.
Always see the beauty, the blessings. Do this alone. Do not need others to help you, or you are not truly seeing anything. Its theirs, not yours. Be happy alone, before you are happy together. Be strong alone, form opinions alone, be yourself alone. Who you are alone, is who you are. So if your unhappy alone, and happy with others. Take time for yourself to seek out your own happiness so you will not taint the happiness of others, so you are not the leech. So you will not become their darkness.
Also, so you know true happiness. Contentment. Understand that happiness is uniquely experienced by each. Do not expect certain events to trigger it, or specific reactions from it. Do not try to buy it or find it under a rug, book cover or therapy session. Do not expect to much of it. And once you find a small amount, cling to the feeling, not the cause. You have the power in you to recreate that feeling. Once you find yourself happy, watch out for times you notice your not. Examine who is there, what is said. Do not always expect the answer to be obvious or easy. It might take some digging. But once you find your true poison, cut it out.
Now for married folks....NO. Divorce is never the first option. Do not be one of those kinds of people. Great things take great work. Try counseling. Try what you can, then try some more. If you feel you have no other coice, then I guess go for it. And single ppl, do NOT just jump into marriage! Its not a game. Its not a silly paper, or ceremony. Its not playing house, or a test drive. Take it seriously.
Take life seriously. but love it, and bask in its beauty. Ban clouds from your sky. You need that light, your soul needs that light. And you must have it first if you are to spread it to others.

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  1. Think about it, you can pick up accents, behaviors, opinions from people you hang around. Often without realizing it. Hang out with the people that you envy, the people who are at where you want to be. Pick friends wisely. Be careful not no spend to much time around those that drain you, or have unfavorable effects on your life. And be aware, theat often, they have no idea that they do it. They often blame others for it.


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