Monday, May 5, 2014

Love and Fur

Love and Fur

My husband is a great guy. Not just for the way he makes me laugh, likes buying me pretty things, always want to be around me and involved with my life and family, is so protective of me, cuddley,  happy or even how cute he is. He is alot of fun and the best bestie I ever had. We just connect, like a string is attached to both of us. And youde swear his hugs could fix anything. But the best part is not all these wonderful things......

One of the super great things about him is not shown in how he loves me, but in how he loves our fur kids. He is the best fur dad. So loving, spoiling, tolerant and protective. He has a way with animals just as I do. Our fur kids are lucky duckies! 

 How a person treats animals says ALOT for their character.

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  1. I forgot to mention how fab his eyes and arse are! Boy gots the best man booty I have ever seen!!!!!! And his eyes... wowzers. I am sorry if my "best hubby bubby lovey dovey woo woo" ranting gets on your nerves. Please excuse it, but I just want to shout it from roof tops, he is so great and any minute now I will wake up.

    woot woot for year 5 this November!


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