Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Early Morning Poetry by Lani - "As we are"

Darkness is the last choice of a healthy mind,
And love is the first choice of a strong heart,
We are all seekers, 
We are all servers,
Beating with existence,
Racing blood and the vanity of flesh,
Awashed in tears and sweating purpose,
The call of protocol, 
A condition of the risen sun,
Inescapable and not,
Always in part we require the clouds,
Laughter and freedom in the air,
Under the moon our eyes become widened, 
Though forgiveness we have found in our beds,
Dancing is encoded within us,
Misty eyed movements singing songs of our ancestry, 
Forward trapped in travel,
This music encompasses each body as one,
One light can thrust forward through the night in many directions,
As do we.
The slowest sweetest waltz is ours,
Indeed it is ours,
And ours is the creation of thought,
Our life became a stroll amungst a canvas unpainted,
Our walks are in dreams bathed in daylight 
Dripping in the colors of whispered intentions,
We have painted the very place we live,
Artists we were born,
Though beauty is held in the clouds,
A star to be reached,
Our very bones the science,
Our very breath is hope,
The spirit lives in a house of needs,
Eternally restless in its hunger,
The hunger ...
Burning blistering breeding,
In our mind like its own animal,
It is faceless,
So its name is unknowable, 
Our heart may be its Lord or its foe,
Starving for everything,
Yet we reach for nothing,
In our desperation to become,
We have not.
What is this?
It is as we are.

By Lani D.

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