Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Than Love

4 February 2010 
This is unfamiliar territory in my life. I’m at a point of absolute devotion and infatuation and just such saturating emotions in my relationship that I find the word “love” doesn’t cover it. I think that the word is over used, commercial, popular, often over stated, dramatized, and usually a jumped to conclusion that fades away.
My situation, part of me feels like it’s completely unique to us. Another part, however, thinks “how truly sad would it be if no one loved as much as we”
I am realistic and I understand that such strong emotions carry a pleasantly but perplexing toxin that vexes ones straight and forward logical understanding of life in comparison. Simply bewitching sweet thick perfume that can wrap you up in the feeling that you own, all of them, even the more deeply felt ones. Wrap you up tight and hugging you warmly in a magical sunrise moment of sheer emotions.
This exceptional ecstasy of thoughts and feeling that create such a deep dark purple hue of seriously concentrated love is flowing like a wild dancing river deep inside me every time I so much as see his face.  When He holds me he quiets the rushing rapids to a tranquil peaceful and elegant shade of summer sky blue. Sparkling and simply dazzling like the ocean that moves in each iris of his passionate caring eyes. Eyes one could more than “get lost in”. Simply a glance is felt through my spine, my flesh, my heart, my soul. A deep stare creates a rabbit hole like wonderland, and I become Alice, forever tumbling in a world of emotions like a strange high that I cannot understand. It’s simply a beautiful madness. But, madness I’d gladly build my home, and forever live gaily in.
His strong tender arms present a comfort, warm and soft like a thick velour blanket I could fall asleep in. Yet strong and very much of a man, liked to those substantial beams of wood that hold up and support the whole house. These arms “build” a beautiful caring strong structured home. One I feel truly safe in.
His heart is like a slow cooked stew. A rich broth of honest devout emotions. A hearty mix of meat and potatoes that can satisfy even the most starved heart, leaving you simply “stuffed” with true love. On top of this, a good for you blend of veggies and herbs, each one representing his good intentions and his need to fix anything that ails you. Like sitting at your bedside and holding you when you cry or no reason. This soup is almost fattening if you add in this incurable desire to spoil and serve me for no reason.
Making love to him, always reaching a higher cloud each time we embrace each other. Helping me to realize the sky is truly endless, as is the perfect heaven I feel, heart pounding, sweat dripping, kissing deeper, when we are one. The lack of words to describe the absolutely awesome moment of  our simultaneous sparkling finish as we rest and smile together blooming, blushing, panting from the sheer magnificence of our accomplishment.
Dreams of him painted on every day, as well the vivid ones that enchant me through the night. Dreams of our plans, our future. Dreams of us growing old together. Dying in each others arms, and then soaring through the cosmos as one for the remainder of our eternity. Dreams of him, dreaming of me.
Oh how sweetly he sleeps. Many moments I have spent watching him sleep. Even photographing it, as though it might be the last time I get to see it.
How does one thank somebody for this? How would I show appreciation for giving me this extensive, eternal, deep, perfect gift of love, and beyond? For giving me beautiful sunrises and sunsets in my future? Celebrations with families’ together, embracing, arm in arm, simple meals, lavish romantic dinners, moments, dates, nights cuddled togthers, mornings waking up tangled together, or just arms to fall into? How I ask shall I thank him?
All I can do, I suppose, is spend eternity giving all this back to him within my ability. Nay, beyond, for he deserves no less than (more than) perfection.

~ Forever HIS~
(Lani D. Wrevhn)
Elena Wright Stevens
*** I wrote this after we were married I believe. I found it on one of my many lost blogs. I had put a lot of work and feeling into it so I figured I would post it. ***

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