Friday, December 5, 2014

Agent Dog Get

I am currently mostly just a stay at home fur mother and homemaker. It is TERRIBLY boring though. I started selling Mary Kay, thinking it would be a nice break from being at home all of the time. However, I am NOT the kind of person that can beat people upside the head with sales pitches. So I am NOT making as much money as some of those above me.

I tried to think about what I would be good at, what kind of job I could get that I think I could keep? What kind of boss could I have that I would not get in a tiff with? I am a very social person, I liked being around people and being out in the world. It gets really boring being shut inside the house all the time.

I thought occurred to me. Anytime I am out in public where there are animals I gravitate to them almost more than humans. I have a tendency to not even hear what the person is saying or to know where the parties I was once accompanying have disappeared to as my full attentions  go towards wanting to interact with the animal.

And I also know of myself a few other fitting facts. I can handle walking for quite some time. And since I was a child my mother and sisters have referred to me as Ellie Mae Clampett. I seem to get along with animals fairly well. Though I do not pretend to be any kind of Cesar Millan type person. I do think I have away with them.

Then upon realizing what my new dream was, I decided to start looking up salaries. I discovered that a certified dog walker, perhaps even some on certified funds, can make up to almost $20 an hour her dog for a 20 to 30 minute walk. The certification is not cheap. Almost $400 for a three year certification if you do not join and become a member. Becoming a member is $150 a year on average. I think I would rather just pay for the three-year certification and not the added membership. Unless I learned that the added membership has some kind of serious benefits.

in case you have not figured it out by now... I am referring to a dog walking / pet sitter job. I could be my own boss. Advertise on websites like, eventually get certified, and make my own website. I would not need a boss, or have to worry about what hours they force on me or what holidays they will let me have. Sick days might be tricky to navigate as well a few other things. But all in all it sounds grand.

There is currently one major thing holding me back. I have a car, one that would work decently for a job such as this. However, anyone that knows me is aware that I do not drive. It is my goal to take the written test before the year's end. I seem to do OK on practice tests, apps on my cell phone, so I plan on trying to take a written exam next Wednesday after my doctors appointment. If time allows. I would like to take the test before December is over. And then I can work my way up to taking the actual driving course exam thing. For those of you who are not aware that I do not drive you might wonder why? Well I was born with half of my left arm, and every time I have been behind the wheel of a car I feel like I do not have very good control over it. It makes me panic a little and scares me from trying to learn. But the older I get, turning 33 this year I believe, the more I realize I cannot just walk everywhere. I do not live in Atlanta or any major city where that is an acceptable option. I live in the suburbs. And for this job to happen I will need to learn to drive.

But that is my new goal... Pet sitting.


1. Take written driving test
2. Learn to drive
3. Get license
4. Build up pet sitting jobs
5. Get certified
6. Make website
7. Happy

Of coarse... Until I am finished learning to drive there is no reason I might not offer these services to my neighbors. I can always have my cost lower until I am able 2 get certified.

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