Thursday, December 11, 2014

Junky Trunks, And Bumpy Humps

Consider this Number 8 in my list of blessings.


It is a popular word these days with the ladies. Apparently the PC thing is to agree with any lady who thinks she has curves. Even if they don't, or only have one. Not I agree that no human it built in straight lines, but some of them....I mean men are more "curvy" than some of them! And I am sorry, but 50 pounds of weight that largely resides in one area (waist, belly) is not a "curvy" figure. 

This is not intended to be mean. It is intended to be honest. I think we sugar coat and butt kiss too often these days. The next thing you know all men's dongs will be considered "huge". And tall, and handsome. And everyone will be smart, and athletic, and can sing and dance and we are all just perfect and good at everything. Oh, I guess next we should all just be one race, religion, and all that.

I think being different is great. Even if it is sometimes by less popular standards. I have one arm, everyone remembers me, since grade school, because of that. I love having an uncommon name. Though, in recent years, it is less uncommon. I love anything that sets me apart from others. 

The kind that shows up in numbers, measurements, pictures! The kind that fills out jeans and fill up bras!

Look, everybody has bad things, normal things, good things, funny things, normal things, craptastic things, and fantabulous things, etc... All stitched together into one unique and awesome person! So instead of pretending we all have the same goods and bads, how about we get excited and celebrate our differences! How about you let curvy girls enjoy being curvy, and thin girls enjoy being thin, and accept that they are not both the exact same!

What is positive about being a curvy gal? Well, one plus is when you gain weight, it goes into some pretty fantastic places. Cake goes to your butt before your gut. You gain 20 lbs, but it spreads itself out to boobs, booty and thighs. An apple gains weight, it goes right to the waist. And often, only there. And anybody could look the same (good in fashion) when thin, underweight, or super low body fat. Anybody can rock a well toned body. How many people can look sexy with 20 lbs of extra weight on them? 

Yes, we are all aware thin is in. We are all aware fit is fab. But is it so bad if curvy is complimented? Separately? We don't call every girl fit or thin just to make them feel better. In fact, people can be kinda rigid with those standards. Now we are all aware TOO MUCH WEIGHT is unhealthy (news flash: so is being too thin). We are ALL AWARE that too much fat is NOT ATTRACTIVE (again, underweight is not either) So lets just cross out the extremes from this list. Not that anyone should be mean to either of them, but we are just leaving them out of this discussion as extremes are just too bad for people's health. 

Now lets celebrate junky trunks and bumpy humps!

I am glad that I gots boobs.
I am glad that I gots booty.
I am glad that when I gain weight, it goes to my curves and not my gut.
I am glad that, because of that, I don't get "rolls".
I am glad that I have stuff to squeeze and parts that please.
I am glad to be a curvy girl!

I think the media should show all types of (healthy, non extreme) bodies of ladies as models, in mags, and ads, fashion shows, and all popular forms of media and entertainment.

But that is it for this blog. This girl loves being curvy, it is one of the positive things on my list. Long torso is both bad and good, short calves is kinda bad. So, see, isnt it WAY WAY better to just be honest about ourselves? I think so! Otherwise, I guess I should not openly admit that I have one arm, I should say I have two. "We all have two arms!" 



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