Monday, August 3, 2015


This post will likely be short. I just had a thought on my brain and I figured why not share it on my blog. I haven't been blogging as much recently. I guess for a while now. But I had a thought that seemed important. I feel it is important.

I am lucky.

There are many versions of that sentence, many definitions, many details, many ways that statement is true. But the one I'm specifically talking about, the one that came to my brain and is flooding it with emotions currently is my future.

I am lucky that my bad past has not badly affected my future. I am lucky that I get to be happy despite all of the really stupid decisions that I made. I am lucky to be loved so much by my husband despite the fact that he was good in his past and I was wild. I feel blessed to be loved by someone like him. Sometimes, you kind of feel like you don't deserve it. But I do everything I can everyday to feel more like I deserve His love. Spoil him rotten.

I just feel so lucky that all of my bad decisions, years wasted making bad decisions, have not darkened my future. Or my present. Lucky to have this life lucky to have his love. Lucky to be forgiven by Jesus for all my sins. Lucky to have a family like I have. Not only the one I've always had but the 1 I gained through my husband. When it gets down to it... I have a pretty good life now.:-)

Thank you god.

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