Monday, August 31, 2015

Trans-Dimensional Beings Revisited

We Live in a world consisting of three dimensions. Those are the dimensions that we know and are part of. Humans we have a tendency to take  for granted that this is all there is to the universe. Just like we assume we are the only living things here in earth because we have not found other creatures elsewhere in the universe. We have a tendency we think that we know everything. Not sure why that is. The only thing we know is that we know nothing.

I do believe there is more. Much more. I believe our universe is like an onion. I do not know how many dimensions there are but I do believe that there are more than three. Some scientists have Theorized anywhere from 5 to 11 dimensions. I myself would air on the side of 11 I guess. If not more. There's really no way to tell as we cannot travel to them or through them.

  So if there are multiple dimensions then surely there are multiple creatures that can move through them. What would such creatures be like? We have a tendency to assume also that if there was such creatures that they would be like us because apparently we are the greatest thing ever made. So how could anything be different than us and be great? I think if something is able to transcend dimensions it is likely not that similar to us although it may be able to take on the appearance of us.

We are solid flesh and blood creatures made up of matter. That is what these three dimensions of our universe are about. Mostly time and matter. I think the best thing something could be made out of to transcend multiple dimensions including ours would be energy. Just Energy. If such a creature was out there that was only made up of energy surely it could take on different shapes as needed. Who knows there could be creatures that are inter dimensional and solid that can still take on different shapes even though it doesn't make sense to us. That's the thing we don't seem to understand I think is that it doesn't have to make sense to us to be true. Just because we don't know it yet doesn't mean it's not real and doesn't exist. The truth isn't only the truth simply because humans know it.

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