Tuesday, August 9, 2011

He Loves Me!

Whats my siren song that lures my hubby into my arms???????

"B A Bay, B E Bee, B I Bickie Bye, B O Bo, Bickie Bye Bo B U Boo Bickie Bye Bo Boo Boo..."


"Hut-Sut Rawlson on the Rillerah, and a so and and so on"

Yup, those too songs are two songs I'm known for singing that Jacob just LOVES! Not kidding at all! He says he thinks its ADORABLE. Also are included the little owl song, "I love to singa, about the moona and the june-a and the springa, I love to singa, about a sky of blue, or a tea for two, anythinga with a swinga to an I love you... I love-a to, I love-a to sing!"

I was informed of this just the other night. Also he told me that someone in his unit said " I just love listening to her talk". (I had been on speaker phone with him once while he was at drill) And they tell him he is lucky and call me "the cool wife" Or say "your wife rocks".

I'm feeling like a pretty lucky lady that my sweet hubby cannot keep his hands off of me still and that he still is so attracted to me. Esp the more in shape I get. Every time I wear my short shorts around him now he has his hands all over me. :) love that! esp since I'm 7 yrs older. 

He thinks I'm smart, and is always talking to people about me. He can def be himself around me, it took him a bit to open up but now that he is his unique adorable sweet entertaining self he use to hide from the world is my fav part of who he is! He is instantly respected by all who meet him, I think his aura emits an honest integrity and a since of morality. He is just a good boy by nature. Respectable, loyal, trusting, optimistic, friendly, witty, smart. I love my hubby. 

I love how much we love each other. That he loves to play romantic music and snuggle with me for a while before he goes to work. That he likes to snuggle with me before bed. He loves holding me! I love holding him, and just being in his arms is heaven. 

I love spoiling that boy rotten! I playfully complain, smiling and giggling at times, but he knows I love it. He knows a cute look and "But Lana" will get him anything, even if I just said no. He is def treated like king of the castle with me! And has the good character enough to not take advantage of the fact he could get me to wade on him like a servant. 

We are a team. Best friends, and soul mates. e adore one another and consider the other person the TOP PRIORITY in our life. Like he said "Its you, then the army, then my job" to me yesterday, and with me its him before all else. Thats the way a husband and wife should be.

"Love is composed of one single soul inhabiting two bodies"

Sometimes having a hot hubby can be stressful, because your NOT the only one who finds him so fantastic. But thankfully mine has enough of the good insidey stuff that it doesn't matter :)

He likes to say things to make me react (just as he loves getting in trouble and also loves to scare me any chance he gets). But knows that at least 80% of what he loves about me is on the inside and no one else has it. He knows my personality and who I am is irreplaceable. One of a kind sorta thing. And that stuff is his fav part!

Its kinda like, if you take our fav candy bar.. NUTRAGEOUS.... and took out all the inside fillings (nuts, pb, caramel, etc) and were left with an empty hollow chocolate shell. Ya sure chocolate is good, but its Jacob and my inerds that make us delicious!

Ok, I'll end there. Just remember... its not all about the outside! There is tons of chocolate out there, find the chocolate with the yummiest fillings!  thats the kind that you can truelly enjoy! Find the one that is meant to be part of you. "Your other half"

xoxo LD

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