Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Herro Everybody!

This is just an update, I'm sick currently, but have not forgotten about my blogging. Just busy and ill.

I am still loosing weight, at a snail race kinda rate for the moment. Thats the "under 150' rule. I'm still trying to convince hubs to let me dye my hair and get teal or green contacts. Still have to get an eye appt.

He is still working on police app, its long and needs detailed info. Very strict about what you put in and all so we are being careful and thinking out each step. August is chalk full off fairs for apd. They need guys and pooks wants in. 

Very happy I'm gonna be finally giving up my current number. At this point Angelfood has become a spam caller on my cell. As well a few others. And looking into new cars too. Well, used, but new to us. 

Fall is approaching, or "Autumn". We are planning on going to FRIGHTFEST this year. EXCITED! Like to go to callaway in fall also. And want to go to Whitewater before summer ends! I wonder if they have a Vetrens deal???

Did some testing, lots of testing...three days of coarses and exams. Such boring stuff. But those coarses let me know, I could handle college if I ever wished to go back. Jacob said that they were way more boring and hard than most his college classes!

Still DAYDREAMING about if i ever get to have a REAL WEDDING/vow renewel, what it will be like. Still wanting "Beach at sunset, in the fall, jewel tones and glow of fire on the beach type thing. Small party, not alot of ppl, 20ish, maybe with sparklers or fireworks. The pizza and beer thing I'm rethinking though. This is all assuming we ever get one. We are techn married by court and papers, by law. But without a wedding it feeling like we skipped a part. Jacob has his mind on year ten, I'd like it to be year 5, but that is fast approaching.

BALLS! Heard tell about a place that has them freq. By Jacob, but I forgot the details. I'll have to reask, but he sounded eager to go to a real ball after the disappointment we experianced with the MP ball. I love being dolled up, so I won't complain! I never got pictures or my slowdance so I say YES SIR!

Hopefully I get better soon. I drink water, but should "rest" more. Today we slept in late, had to rush him off to work. Alarm went off, but we laid in bed snuggling each other until we turned and realized it was two hours later. OOPS! My baby loves snuggles! I love my baby!

ok. My ranting update is done. No new details that are exciting. Still no kids (ty lord), my job situation is still moreso on pause helping him, and we are still working on moving fwd. 

have a blessed day. hugs.

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