Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movie Star Magic?

Celebrities, we all want to look like them. But what does that really involve?

-plastic surgery
- professional makeup/hair
- fake lashes, contacts, and hair
- capping teeth
- rigorous workout routines
- various fad diets, pills, etc

Really they started out looking rather normal.....

megan fox H.S pic

and without the make up, hair, lashes... they still look normal-ish!

Without the photo-shopping, there bodies aren't perfect either!!!!!!!

I thought Brittany's butt looked better than mine, but here it looks just like mine! (before crazy pic i think)

eva they had to add arm fat, boobs and curves to

and shes kidding if she thinks I believe those curves are real

SEE! There are a wealth of photographic proof, look up about any star and you can find a normal looking, or awful pic of them. THEY ARE NORMAL, AND HUMAN! 

Who knew??

So Just think what we could look like if we had the cash, and time that they have! Like "movie stars"


  1. I think so, I think its important to remember that NO human, no matter how much it seems like it (or they believe it) is PERFECT. NONE can be. It makes you feel like your all just colorful eggs in the same basket. Painted up different, but ultimately the same.


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