Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blanketing The Fog

What is the truth?

Is it possible that maybe the movie "The Matrix" was on the right track? Could our world be a blanket of thick fog set before our eyes to distract us, to limit what we see, what we know?

The other night, I had a dream of which I can find no image to assist in illustrating. Well, less a dream as a vivid flash of a vision blindside me while shutting my eyes to try to relax and fall asleep. It was quick, with no rem nits after my eyes open, nor upon re-shutting them. 

A veil or dark sheet being pulled over my eyes. Almost like I closed my eyes in time to just catch the end of the act, just in time to see the pale hand and blackish purple covering. Like a creepy night. Though the vision was fleeting, the eery feeling and questions were not. 

I am rational enough to realize that the likliehood the actual vision means anything is not great. What IF we were being controled, or mislead. What if our reality is NOT what the world is around us. Is our whole understanding of life wrong or false? 

Is it feasible that an event like we are always "waiting on" has already happened and the destruction or defeat has already taken place? Could we be being controlled in order to obtain some specific goal? Contain rioting, anarchy, or something else? Or even less along the lines of the "Matrix" movie, is it more suddle? Are we simply being lied to on a grander scale in our own reality? With the distractions of technology and stress of modern day life, how could anyone have time to notice any of this?

But, at some point, the lies must come falling down. At some point the truth will be revealed. And the shock to our society will be massive! as the world they thought they knew, its history, stories, idols, wars, all crumble in their hands. 

While I must warn you, I am prone to conspiracy theories on occasion. I am NOT a nut job with them, believing ANY crack pot theory thrown in my face. I am not sure I believe the one surrounding Obama. (video below) I do believe there is something going on behind the scenes with our government, something has been for so many years now. And I have a feeling its probably NOT GOOD. Less fantastic than they might try to convince us all it is. 

I would not be shocked if there was a "one world government" as prophesied, in the works. It be fitting to a few other things popping up lately. Its not uncommon, in fact its often, that LIES will hide themselves within TRUTH.

Like this show, "Ancient Aliens". Lets examine that briefly. Quite a few people would readily dismiss all as lies, giving no credence to anything that comes from the mouth of the "Ancient Astronaut Theorist". I however see that there is LIKELY to be a sweet and sour mix of both truth and lies. Truth is a Lie's best disguise. With its own face, It would get no where. 

I think that that is how EVERYTHING should be thought of, PART TRUTH, PART FICTION. Why? Because HUMAN INTERACTION with everything you "hear" or "learn". Humans LIE, and puff up the truth. After years of humans spreading the same information, shouldn't you expect that.....the water might be dirty since everyone's bathed in it? I THINK SO! 

I think that there are big pieces to our puzzle missing. Ones we might not get back, and others that will be so numerous, we might be crushed upon the receiving of them. I think that everyones searches for the truth, wants it so badly. Its in our nature to. But what if this truth screwed up your whole life, messed with your whole reality. Maybe even your loved ones, your house, food, EVERYTHING. 

Ask yourself, which pill would you take?

Would you allow your eyes to be opened to reality, which could be devastating. Or would you rather wrap yourself up in your warm comfortable blanket of lies and hide from the truth?

I, myself, have trouble saying "yes" to possible crippling devastation and mental anguish! Simple point, its bad, negative, ICKY. So why thrust yourself into it? Knowledge. Its the "knowing", the need to know the truth. They say truth sets us free, and it may feel that way. But it is possible the truth could reveal that we are not at all free, that we are doomed to be slaves or worse. It could be a nightmare waiting for you. A dream devouring nightmare world. But still, how do you say "no" to THE TRUTH?

Just a few thoughts. Take them as you will. Or don't take them at all. The choice is yours. In your mind, you are always free. In your mind, you can seek out truth, and fight back.



  1. reminds me of many conversations :) you're always a good read

  2. lol thanks dear. Ya, you know me, one min its bitchy lani gossip, one its super bubbly or goofy, another its deep analytical lani. <3


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