Tuesday, October 11, 2011

20 Dreams For The Future - Pictures

20 things? now its 20 dreams.


to have a cute small (under 2000 square feet) home in the city of Atlanta. Preferably one made of brick or stone, those are stronger, prettier and both our faves! Apparently rich often agree, since most rich houses are made of stucco, brick, rock, etc, in muted neutral tones (well, other tones as well, but the muted neutrals are the most breathtaking.)


perfectly manacured well cared for healthy lawn ... oh and as this lawn shows the beauty of, tall fescue. jacob says he wants to be like hank hill from king of the hill.


a gazeebo. Jacob really wants one in our yard if we can, he says it will be romantic. :)


a red front door. i always loved the way it looks, so warm and welcoming. its like your being called or pulled to it. 


A bright white warm (warmer than most white kitchens) inviting perfect organized chefs dream kitchen complete with a GAS RANGE, copper cookware, wall ovens, organisation options, nice pantry and maybe even the hidden fridge like the last pic. old world style, chefs dream with top of the line everything. either wolf range or the pretty ones from williams sonoma. and sub zero fridge maybe too. copper farm sink like last pic sounds fabu. def want farm sink. bright lights, hate dark kitchens. bathrooms and kitchens should be bright!


to be both sexy and sophisticated, all the while maintaining the magic that is Elena. (me)


to eventually have my fall beach sunset "enchanted evening" cozy little dream wedding. since we never had a wedding, but are married already, mine will be a vow renewal. the above 6 pictures best describe my plan. basically. jewel toned colors, champagne/pale gold dress for me, jewel tones for maids, neutral bouquet for them, jewel toned for me, at dusk will be wedding, not dark not light, reception follows same location. 20 ppl limit, 3 maids. sparklers instead of rice or bubbles. and fireworks at reception. will want a reception dress too. candle lit (see above) area and tables. and chocolate butter cream cake, no fondant, fresh flowers. invitations will be enchanting messages in bottles. will have acoustic guitar musician. grooms cake will be fancy cheesecake. i'm snipping the pizza and beer, that was before when we were thinking "quickie". now i am rethinking food. less likely to be sit down dinner though.


atlanta police. jacob wishes to be a k-9 unit in the future. 


to work at a cute lil' bakery in town part time. (most my time goes to hubby and wifey stuff)


to own a full breed pembroke welsh corgi with the red coat and proper leg height/ear spacing.


 to travel. everywhere.


motor scooter. for town travel.


won't stop till i got the body of a hottie. i got the potential, but do i got the discipline? hmm, unsure. we'll see when things aren't so tight and tense. 


a fabu closet with super fantastical clothing. 


fantastic painting (and sculpting) skills. hobby stuff. all the creative things. 

WHEW.... ONLY FIVE MORE TO GO. bathroom break. 


Okay, I'm back. I had to eat dinner as well. Lets get back to the rest. 


to have EXTRA long beautiful hair. hopefully i can dye it again eventully, but i guess hubbys dying ban is helping keep my hair healthy enough to grow out nice. :) stop at waist though, any longer would look bad on me. small head and long torso, so it would be weird. 


swim with dolphins, see the whales. scuba with turtles. all that mess. yes yes.


to own a beach home. for either vacation, or at least maybe eventually retire to the beach. since the likelihood of us being able to afford two homes at once is poor. lol. retiring there would be fabulous! if we are old, and jacob gets bald, he can no longer complain about the effects of salty sea air on his hair. lol. GOD I LOVE BEACHES! THEY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR TRAPPED IN YOUR MOST PLEASANT DREAM EVER. THEY ARE MADE OF PURE CONCENTRATED HAPPY.


to own an in ground pool. preferably one like either of the last two. not if we retire to beach though. separate from beach. you don't need both. jacob prefers ones like the last one. or kidney he has mentioned. def going with pacers or stones around not concrete or wood.


pooks and i grow old together happily in deep love. soul mates forever. still as passionate as day one. :)
the best life ever is the one you spent in love. 

ok, well those are my twenty dream things. ENJOY!


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