Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Celebrity "Girl Crush"

well... one of them.... 

Joanna Garcia

She is the stinkin cutest faced actress I have ever seen. I watched a cheesy movie today she was in, and use to love watching her in Reba. The movie was "Revenge of the Bridesmaids". 

everyhair color, every shot of her I think is adorable. Also, you'll notice - NOT BONE THIN OR BOY LIKE!

She carries healthy weight on her. And what amazing hair!

she is short like me and has feet that remind me of mine too. though ppl pick at her for that. gosh, they are JUST feet, not crocked boobs or a saggy butt. 

she likes to switch hair colors often I noticed, and rocks them all. but also like me, she looks fab in reds and blondes.

hard to see from this, but watch enough reba or movies and you'll see she has got some junk in her trunk too. round booty.

curves style, fantastic smile. and i think what i'd guess to be a cute personality based on what i can tell comes through in her acting.

that is all. just me giving some blog space to my girl Joanne G. An under hired adorable actress! 

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