Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Is Important, Love Is More Important

You know what I think is important? Having an open family that allows you to disagree with them without shunning you. That does not take a silly argument over the top, or hold grudges. A family that can still love you, even if you are different from them. One that will not pressure you to think or act like them, or tell you how to live your life. A family that loves you for you, that understands you. That sees past what they might consider a fault and loves you despite it. A family that does not ask for "impressive" or "perfect". One that does not measure your worth by what you do for them, or how you look on paper. That does not need your life for bragging rights, but just loves you despite. A family that cherishes your friendship and treats you as such, not just blood. A family that does not try to coerce, bribe, blackmail or  threaten you to get to you, or things from you. A family that does stuff for you simply because they care, not to use it against you later to get things from you. A family of caring, friendship, laughter, understanding, and openness. A family of unconditional LOVE! 

Love is endless, it cannot stop. True "loved ones" will love you truly. They will be happy for what you get, have, or accomplish. They will be sad for your pain, struggles and fears. Hugs and laughter will be the priority. Supporting them, forgiving them, uplifting them, enjoying them, treating them as an equal to the other members. 

I have "family" that's close to me, closer than some blood, that are not even family. That are technically not even related, but are more family that some real members. Because they have a pure love for me. 

This goes for Husband & Wife love as well. Love truly - madly - deeply. Love purely. Love in the since that its your last chance, love like god is watching, love to love. Love in the FOREVER way. There is no way out, and love does not stop because flesh does, love and flesh are separate. Fathers, mothers, lovers do not stop being so because they die. Love in an UNSELFISH WAY and that love is sure to be returned. Love in an honest way, you will be blessed for it. Love in a GIVING, NOT GETTING way and you will get plenty. 

Think deeply about the word LOVE and live to love that way.

Love is the most important thing we will experience in our lives. 

Love is the thing that makes us like living, and not wish to leave. It binds us together. It holds us and strengthens our spirits to fight on. The best memories we have are regarding LOVE. The best experiences, the best stories, the best hugs, kisses, events, songs, thoughts, poems, art. Regarding love. Love wants to be, it struggles through darkness to shine on. It treads through muddy waters, climbs mountains, it pursues, it waits, it believes and strives to be.


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  1. I agree with you & I'm glad we have grown up into such a close family :) I can't wait for the day I can experience the soul-mate kind of love though!


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